About Us


Building strategic alliances with global partners and We facilitate company growth by leveraging our network to connect companies with investors and partners.

  1. Cross Border Business and Corporate Development 
  2. Partner and investor management - conference outreach management
  3. Conference Advisory Service to help companies and organizations maximize their participation in conference
  4. Conference Programming Development

ife science companies in cross border business development, financing and conference participation. A proven track record leveraging an extensive global network of CEOs, investors and partners into strategic alliances that support business imperatives.

CORPORATE DEVELOPMENT - Help companies grow their business by connecting with the right investors, partners and industry leaders.

CONFERENCE ADVISORY Service - A customized program to optimize company participation at key events and conferences to, maximize value and achieve tangible results including online partnering management.


CONFERENCE ASSESSMENTS - Independent conference appraisals and recommendations to increase value for organizers, attendees and sponsors.